Abuja Master Plan: FCTA To Use Technology For Effective Monitoring Of Abuses

By: Wisdom Acka

Authorities of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) have identified technology as a way of effectively enforcing the Abuja Master Plan.

Director, Department of Development Control, Murkhtar Galadima, said this while speaking with journalists in Abuja.

The Director noted that technology remained a major means of developing the Federal Capital Territory to the acceptable standard.

Galadima explained that through technology, challenges of developing a city would be identified and corrected without creating more trouble.

According to him, there was low technology during planning of the Territory, but with technological advancement, most of the violations caused by developers were being checked.

His said: “In developing a world class city, there are dynamics of city development, because nothing is constant. Changes are inevitable, so the good thing about the Abuja Master Plan is that it provides room for that flexibility, so we are using technology to achieve results.

“The Abuja Master Plan was prepared during the military era. There were some areas that were considered not developable but now with the advent of advanced technology, you could develop them”, he added.

The Director further noted that population explosion was putting so much pressure on Abuja, but assured that the FCTA was identifying the challenges and taking appropriate measures to manage them to keep the Abuja Master Plan.