The Management and Editorial Board of Abuja Digest Newspaper and the Abuja Digest Online, wish to notify the public that a scammer, who goes by various names in an attempt to hide his true identity, has been calling and sending messages to unsuspecting members of the public, inviting them for a zoom meeting, using the Abuja Digest Online platform. 

The scammer uses this telephone number 0818061148 with True caller identity shown as “S T Media” to invite people for such purported meeting using our brand ABUJA DIGEST ONLINE

We wish to state categorically that the person is not known to Abuja Digest and, therefore, is not acting on our behalf neither is he working for the media organization.  

Members of the public are, hereby, advised to ignore such calls and messages as it is purely the handwork of an unauthorized person(s),(scammer). Our channels of communications are well known and clear. We do not invite our esteem readers for zoom meetings. 

We appreciate all our readers and clients, patronizing and doing business with us. We, therefore, advise them to be circumspect in digesting and accepting such invitations. 

Thank you all.

M. H. Sule

Director, Information & Communication, FCT

Tuesday, 1st August 2023.